They deserve a better life because they are human….

youth_slum OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA STREET_CHILDREN_19307f poverty_child ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? picture-61 Families Living In Slum - Delhi, India, M_Id_404317_India_poverty Indian children working parents at a construction site near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi _925635_indianfamily300 1377371145057 DSCF6084 india-child-labour_1570360i India Child Tobacco Roller

                                        The helpless poor families and thier childrens are shouting silently but loudly for our help and support…it’s time to give them what we can give them…. In my opinion at least they deserve the basic needs of life that is food, clothes, home and education ( a better life)… I personally have ignored them by giving a poor some 1-2rupees, HELL I can do better,I can give them something more, We can give them something better… At this moment, I know I’m alone…. But I’ve read somewhere that “Revolution always starts individually, although it’s result will be social”…


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